Staying informed

One of our most recent projects is a woodland managment contract which is several acres, and on a tree preservation order (TPO). This site is an ongoing project which will take several years to finish. All being well, something which can be looked back upon as a major achievement. 

Garden design

Pick up some handy hints from our experts! Our experienced staff can show you a wide range of plants and materials and how to use them to redesign your garden. Trees require a certain amount of care and careful planning, so any questions or queries are welcomed.


Landscape work

A recent landscape job has been completed on time and looks great. Customer is very happy with the work, pictures to follow soon.

New leaflet...

The new advert is in the official Renishaw Golf club brochure, looks good.




New website
Now you can also find out about our services on the internet. We hope you'll use our website to be inspired with new ideas!